Chief Instructor Vladimir Alexandru of Krav Maga Elite reviews the Shadowball!

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Krav Maga Elite had the opportunity to try out an amazing new training tool called the “Shadowball”! This amazing piece of equipment allows participants to build core strength and improve cardiovascular capabilities all while testing their reaction time, hand speed, rhythm, timing, hand-eye coordination and reflexive reactions. This type of training is extremely beneficial to anyone serious about building their reflexive response for Krav Maga, improving their martial arts training or getting an intense workout!

Student at Krav Maga Elite giving the Shadowball a test drive!

For those who practice Krav Maga or have used it in a professional setting, you will appreciate the random and reflexive approach the Shadowball provides in regards to technical conditioning. The Shadowball uses R.T.H.M, otherwise know as “Random Target Hyper-kinetic Motion” to generate a vast array of unpredictable targets, helping it induce a rare form of realism that is missing in traditional workouts. While the Shadowball might have been designed for martial arts and self-defense training, anyone can use this modern tool and turn it into a great cardiovascular workout that can be done anywhere. We challenge you to try it out and keep up with the unpredictable bouncing patterns and the fast pace the Shadowball brings to your fitness workout.

Another student at Krav Maga Elite doing some Shadowball boxing!

Moreover, another great feature of this product is it’s portability and ease of transportation. Simply put it in your backpack and go anywhere to practice! The Shadowball itself is not heavy and the risk of injury is almost inexistent. There is no installation required and you can train either indoors or outdoors.

The product was developed by Cedric Salcedo from Avantgarde Sport Inc. using the latest technologies in the field of physical conditioning with the goal of maximizing fitness parameters.

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For more information about the Shadowball, check out

Vladimir Alexandru
Krav Maga Elite
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Montreal, QC

Mr.Eyal Yanilov and Mr. Vladimir Alexandru

Mr.Eyal Yanilov (L), Chief Instructor Krav Maga Global, and Mr. Vladimir Alexandru (R), Chief Instructor Krav Maga Elite

Note from the Shadowball Team:
Big thanks to Chief Instructor Vladimir Alexandru of Krav Maga Elite for his detailed review of the Shadowball. Check out what they do at Krav Maga Elite - awesome!

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