The evolution of OODA Ball came in phases.

As a loudspeaker designer, I've always been fascinated and challenged by how sound behaves when it bounces off boundaries, such as walls. I began bouncing this three-inch foam ball against the wall to try to visualise how sound might reflect off a wall at different angles. I then began slapping and punching it. It was challenging because the target is too small, too light, and doesn't bounce very well - if only I had a better ball. So I immediately began working on the design, and within a few weeks I had a working prototype. The size was about right, as were the weight and density, but I needed to do more research on the physics of bounce (COR). I set it aside, and got sidetracked with other interests and ideas, and years passed. That was the first spark of inspiration. 

The last phase of inspiration came in the form of boxing superstar Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. One of Pacman’s many gifts as a boxer is his natural ability to hit opponents from angles that no one expects. After watching the "Pacman" at work, I remembered my original OODA Ball design. I realized that this product could help a fighter develop better angles, as Mannys unorthodox style kept his oponent guessing at an unrelenting pace.

I went back to the drawing board at my home in Montreal Canada. The result is a ball designed with the optimum weight, density, and spring characteristics that are ideal for punching, bouncing against a wall, ground and pound, or freestyle into the air.


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