Featured Shadowball boxer: Joseph Grzymkowski

Joseph Grzymkowski replied to our inquiry on his Shadowball boxing progress. We thought his insights are particularly helpful so we asked his permission to  post it. 

Joseph GrzymkowskiHi Cedric,

I incorporate the Shadowball into my workouts 3 - 4 times a week. It has exceeded all my expectations! I really enjoy the flexibility it provides. I can stand close to the wall (about 6" off), dial dial down the power, and do a speed/rep drill punching as fast as I can with both hands. Or do a power drill (12 -18" from the wall) and strike harder, varying my the punching angles dependent on how the ball comes off the wall. Working elbow strikes in has been easy to do. My next challenge is knee strikes. Timing a knee strike with the "right" trajectory off the wall, so as to avoid a "pop-up" with the Shadowball, has been a bit trickier. I definitely draw attention from curious onlookers at my workplace gym and I'm not hesitant to share all about the Shadowball!

I think the beginner videos on the website are great. I was off and running with my Shadowball as soon as I received it, so for me personally, I was already past the beginner stage when they posted. I'm curious to see what the next-level videos will contain!
I've already noticed that my Shadowball workouts have stepped up my sparring game at my Martial Arts studio. I find that my striking speed has increased and I'm throwing punches or striking from angles I ordinarily wouldn't have attempted from before.

I've traded in my gel gloves/hand wraps for a pair of mid-level MMA gloves when I use the Shadowball. They're just easier and quicker to get on and off and I haven't noticed any change in performance.

All in all Cedric, I'm very happy with your product! Thanks for following up! I wish great success for you and the Shadowball team!


So that's Joe's experience with Shadowball boxing so far - now it's your turn to tell your story!

~Team Shadowball

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