Shadowball boxing on a wheelchair

Shadowball - Boxing fitness for all

Posted by Shadowball Boxing on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wheelchair users face unique challenges when it comes to fitness and exercise. But regular fitness training is vital in remaining healthy and active.

Fitness training doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym or doing competitive sports. A great workout can take many forms and happen in many places.

In this video, we demonstrate how a person who uses a wheelchair can get the performance and fitness benefits of Shadowball boxing. The Shadowball is all about increasing your agility, getting your heart pumping, and delivering a fun workout.

Full disclosure: Ideally we’d have a person who actually uses a wheelchair do this demo for us, but the truth is we just don’t know of anyone who can help us out - but we’re working on it!

Big thanks to X-Fit Saint-Laurent for letting us shoot at their amazing location and to Defi Sportif Altergo for lending us the awesome wheelchair. Music by: Bensound.  

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