Unleash Your Fighter's Edge with the OODA Ball

Master the Art of Combat with Precision and Power

Elevate your fight training to unparalleled heights with the OODA Ball, the ultimate tool designed for fighters and coaches committed to achieving mastery in the ring. Experience a revolutionary approach to enhancing striking technique, speed, power, and cognitive skills.

Where Art Meets Science

OODA Ball is designed with our patented R.T.H.M. (Reactive Target Hyper-kinetic Motion) Technology to give you maximum control by optimizing weight, speed, and density.



I present to you, OODA BALL. A mall ball that will help you train your cardio, footwork, precision, coordination - a bit of everything.
It's for everybody — boxers, MMA fighters, kickboxers and for those who just want to do cardio-boxing.

Kristof Midoux
World Renown Fight Coach & VIP Trainer

This amazing piece of equipment allows participants to build core strength and improve cardiovascular capabilities all while testing their reaction time, hand speed, rhythm, timing, hand-eye coordination and reflexive reactions.

Vladimir Alexandru
Founder of HAOS

As a lifetime athlete, I'm always looking to push my potential to a new level. I feel that OODA Ball.. allows me to do just that - to use my instincts, coordination and controlled power to the max, while having fun with the best fight fitness workout I've experienced so far!

Jimena Mora Anchia
2x Costa Rican Boxing Champion

I have been implementing OODA Ball into my functional training circuits for over? years now. Members really enjoy using the OODA Ball because it provides a challenge yet always brings a smile.

Derek Della Rocca
Certified Athletic Therapist, Owner of X-FIT St-Laurent

The best thing about the OODA ball is the level of anticipation due to the lack of comfort and also the challenge in dealing with a landing ball. Basically, always being put outside of our comfort zone as there are no breaks in between to just move around and catch your breath.

James Vanglath Kick Boxer
Professional Fight Fitness Trainer

Elevate Training Sessions with OODA Ball

For Fighters

Transform your routine with a tool that challenges every aspect of your fighting skills, from technique and power to mental agility and focus.

For Coaches

Provide your athletes with cutting-edge training sessions that push their limits, offer immediate feedback, and prepare them for the unpredictability of combat.

Cognitive Conditioning

Incorporate the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) into your training regimen, sharpening decision-making skills under pressure.

Enhanced Striking Precision

The OODA Ball's unique design and feedback mechanism improve accuracy and precision, allowing fighters to hone their striking skills to perfection.

Dynamic Reactive training

Engage with an unpredictable, moving target that simulates the spontaneity of a real opponent.


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